Our Services


At LAS you can have your automobile serviced for all routine services, from oil change to engine liquids, filters and cabin filters.

Additional specialized services are performed at LAS:

  • Engine repairs, starters and ignition system
  • Belts and Water pumps, fuel filters and fuel pump replacements
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Transmission service and repairs
  • Suspension and Steering service and repairs
  • Full brakes service, rotor and drum machine turning
  • Window regulators and other door and interior mechanicals
  • Replacement of Window glass
  • Computer diagnostics for Engine, Transmission, Air bags, Air ride systems and other computerized systems

Pre Purchase inspection: If you are considering buying a preowned automobile but unsure about the condition of the vehicle LAS can help with the evaluation and inspecting your potential new ride. Please make arrangement and we will perform a pre-purchase inspection to give you greater confidence with your purchase decision.

For corporate or individual clients we specialize in servicing all Mercedes-Benz Sprinter light diesel trucks from 2002 to current models.

Additionally, special conditions are available for company Fleet Service. Please call Nermin and make arrangements.

Tire Service and tire purchase is in-house available for all standard and specialty tires up to 24 inch rims and low ride profile tires.

In addition to the services listed above automobile systems replacement and repair work is routinely performed at LAS.

For all your inquiries and estimates (we need to see your car) contact us by phone 502.290.0124, E-mail: louisvilleautomotiveshop@gmail.com or via Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/louisville.auto.service .

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